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Field Strip a Bersa 9mm UC Pro

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Bersa UC9 Pro! Small enough for Concealed Carry, but solid enough so the recoil isn't objectionable. This makes it a good range gun as well as a carry gun!

Safety First! Press the magazine release to remove the magazine.

Then rack the slide to check the chamber -- make sure it's empty! Removing the magazine does not mean the gun's not loaded -- so always check the chamber.

Press down on the slide release tab ...

... and the slide will release forward.

Now to field strip ... press down on the disassembly latch.

Now you can slide the slide assembly forward and remove it from the frame.

Set the frame aside -- we're not going to disassemble the frame any further for field stripping and cleaning. Place the slide assembly so that you can see the underneath.

Now, carefully press forward on the spring guide head. The spring is powerful enough to shoot the spring guide assembly across the room if you don't hold it securely.

Keeping your thumb securely on the spring guide head, lift the recoil spring guide and ....

... remove it from the slide assembly.

Now, tip the barrel forward and up a hair ...

... and remove it from the slide assembly.

You've now field-stripped the Bersa 9 UC Pro. No further disassembly is required for cleaning.
Note that the spring guide has an inner and outer recoil spring. One end of the spring is very small; it barely fits around the spring guide. If you remove the springs, make sure you replace them so that the small end is nearest the spring guide head (IMPORTANT!)

A little closer view of the inner and outer springs. Now how the end closest to my fingertip is smaller than the end near my palm. The small end goes towards the spring guide head.
To reassemble, first slide the barrel back in place.
Next, carefully push the spring guide (with springs) back into place. Keep your thumb on the head of the spring guide. It might catch on the hole in the barrel end of the slide.

If you press on the spring guide so that it sticks slightly out of the spring guide hole, you'll find it easier to set the spring guide in place.

Once the spring guide is inserted and is at the proper angle, the head will catch in a notch on the barrel. Carefully and slowly remove your thumb ... you want to be sure the spring guide is secure in the barrel notch.

To reattach the slide, match the grooves in the firing pin end of the slide with the grooves along the front of the frame.

Now, push the slide assembly back into place. (The slide disassembly latch is still pointing down)

In order to push the slide disassembly latch up to lock the slide back into place, you'll have to push the slide a fraction of an inch further back than it goes naturally.

Once you do that, you can press the slide disassembly latch back up. Your Bersa 9 UC is now reassembled.

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