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Spee-D-Loader for Your Marlin 60

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The Spee-D-Loader is about the same size as the stock of your Marlin 60 from fore-end to rear of trigger. Even fully loaded, the Spee-D-Loader is still fairly light and easy to carry. I wouldn't carry it by hand simply because of it's size, but it'd fit find in a backpack or some kind of belt rig.

The Spee-D-Loader is basically a frosty plastic cylinder with two plastic end caps. The end caps are joined by a spring -- you can pull the end caps away from either end. Since one end cap has a "nozzle", that's normally where the loading action takes place. The frosty plastic cylinder looks much like the wheel on a revolver -- there are 8 open chambers; each can hold 15 22LR cartridges.

To use the Spee-D-Loader, just pull the nozzle end cap slightly and twist it. You can position it directly over a chamber to load or unload, or you can set it in between chamber. This will block you from loading -- but it will also stop cartridges from pouring out!

To load, twist the top and align the nozzle over an empty chamber. Insert the cartridges nose first and let them slide in. When you twist the top, you have to pull it slightly before it will twist.

Once I load 15 Long Rifles, it's full. I can put a sixteenth, but then I won't be able to twist the top. If you're loading .22 shorts, you can fit 22 in the chamber. If .22 Magnums, it'll hold eleven.

When you're done, give the top a half-twist. This will align it between chambers and "close" the nozzle.

Turn the Spee-D-Loader upside down -- if you've aligned the nozzle correctly, nothing will come out ...

... not even if you shake it!

To use the Spee-D-Loader, remove the magazine inner loading tube from your Marlin. Give the top of the Spee-D-Loader a short twist to align it with a loaded chambers -- and note that cartridges can now pour out if you turn the Spee-D-Loader upside down. Use your thumb or finger to temporarily stop the nozzle while you align it with the magazine outer loading tube of your rifle.

Once Spee-D-Loader and outer magazine tube are aligned, remove your thumb and let the cartridges pour into your rifle. If you hold the Spee-D-Loader at a slight angle, you can control how fast cartridges load. When the cylinder's empty, give the Spee-D-Loader top another slight twist to lock between chambers again.

Replace your magazine inner loading tube -- and you're done!

Here's something nice -- they make a carry bag for the Spee-D-Loader! Lightweight, hangs on your belt, doesn't jiggle around. No need to stick the loader in a backpack or gear bag.

That black rectangle that looks like velcro is actually a webbing belt loop. One end of the bag is open, the other end is closed.

Once you place the loader in the bag, just the very top of the loader will stick out. The placement of the belt loop on the bag means that it's not likely to tip over once you've stuck it on your belt. A full loader's not real heavy -- but it's heavy enough that a random branch won't tip it over once it's in the carry bag.

Here's a closer look at the belt loop at the top of the bag.

I'm wearing an 1 1/2" inch heavy leather gun belt and it fits just fine. The belt loop is open enough so that it should fit fine on an 1 3/4" belt and probably would fit on a 2" belt.

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