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Gun reference guides, forums, and reviews of pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Firearm forum, guns for sale, classifieds, auctions, and local gun show, gun shop, and shooting ranges.
Gun Loving Liberal strongly supports the rights of law abiding gun owners in America. Some people might not like it, but it is our Constitutional right to Keep and bear arms. Look around to learn more about guns, ammunition, gun laws, gun safety, training and education, and your rights as a gun owner.
Shooting oriented blog
Armed and Safe is a gun rights advocacy blog, with the mission of debunking the "logic" of the enemies of the Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms.
Blog Site of the Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon. A forum for Oregon Democrats to discuss their right to bear arms and their responsibilities as gun owners under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Covers the S&W Bodyguard
Blog covering NAA firearms and experiences
Concealed Urban Tactical Enterprises was established to provide access to information pertaining to side arms, with a particular empahsis on smaller weapons for legally permitted concealed carry.
" No one in her right mind fights for the sake of fighting. But if you have to defend yourself, it's good to have sharp claws. Below you will find articles dealing with gun safety, kids, mindset, and much more. There are glossaries and step-by-step instructions on the shooting basics. If you've ever wondered about the legal or social or practical or ethical aspects of owning a gun or carrying it, or wonder if carrying a gun is right for you, you've come to the right place."
Pictorial review of the CZ 82
Blog from AccurateShooter
Shooting, reviews, ammo - blog
Shooting Sports, Personal Defense, articles, radio, TV, industry news
Great pictorial guide to field-stripping (AND reassembling ... that's the hard part!) a Ruger MKiii
Information source -- a human edited directory of things related to guns.
Memories, dreams and reflections on guns, the right to keep and bear arms, M1911 pistols, snubnose revolvers, self defense, gun sports and anything else that comes to mind, by Syd, The author of The Sight M1911 and The Snubnose Files
This is an information-only website presented as a public service for the purpose of providing technical data and pricing on as many handguns as we can find on the market today. We do not actually sell handguns, but rather provide a resource to help people make decisions on which handguns they are interested in.
Keeping you informed about Georgia's Gun Laws
Girls Guide to Guns is a website dedicated to women who dig fire power. Whether you’re a champion shooter, or have never picked up a gun in your life, we’ve got something for you. You might notice that we’re a little different from other gun sites and we strive to offer you a wide variety of firearm info that pertains specifically to women.
Opinion blog by a "North Carolina native farm boy, U.S. Navy Vietnam War veteran, Sunday School teacher, avid Bible student, long-time member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy even before Hillary noticed it, NRA-certified pistol instructor, lifetime member of "Sharpshooters 'R' Us" and he loves grits."
"Welcome to My name is Don Haney and is my Federally Licensed gunsmith shop. I am centrally located in Kansas and have worked on guns from across the United States. I do general repair and Duracoat refinishing of most handguns. I also do trigger jobs on 1911s and Smith and Wesson revolvers. My primary focus is handguns used for personal defense." Great review and tip site.
Results of ballistics gelatin tests of several popular pistol calibers
News on Guns continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Blog associated with Gun Nuts Radio

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